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Marine Flexible Quick Coupling For Sale

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  • Marine Flexible Quick Coupling For Sale

    1. features:
        1.the effective start of the decrease in the impact, vibration, thereby protecting motor.
        2.effective overload protection, to protect the motor and machine work. Reduce mechanical damage. multi-drive system, effectively balance the electrical load.
        4.the start-up can improve the electrical capacity to shorten the motor start-up time, reduce the impact grid.

    2. use:
    Mainly used in the mining, metallurgical, cement, chemicals, construction, building materials, electric power, telecommunications, textiles, and transportation departments. Such as: belt conveyor, including board conveyor, conveyor chain, and other types of electric conveyor and excavators, bucket wheel stacker reclaimer, the chain bucket elevator, ball mill, sanding machine, and other broken machines, blenders and various types of cranes, centrifuges, recreation machine, wire drawing machine, rubber mixing machines, extruders, brickmaking machine, paving machine, granulating machine, fan, dryers, coal washing machine, dehydration machines, washing machines, oilfield pumping units, and other machinery.